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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by Eucliwood on Sat Oct 7 17:14:01 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
I think we can have some kind of Honor System

for people that say i will help and then they dont help or quit mid quests and for good hunters that are always helping each others so we can have a chart were we know who is the most benevolent and who is a evil bitch of course not only for noobs helps maybe he is a funny to play or maybe he is very polite or wathever dunno if i explain myself correctly and my english SUCKS
Okay that sounds like an idea. We will think about implementing it later. REPLY by zackvixacd on 08-10-17

 Submitted by Zack to Zack on Wed Oct 4 2:10:18 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Add the status of the main site somewhere on the main site.
Added. Nice Request Zack! REPLY by zackvixacd on 09-10-17

 Submitted by ZackVix on Tue Oct 3 2:01:13 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Add PPSSPP nicks to player on LeaderBoard.
Done REPLY by zackvixacd on 05-10-17

 Submitted by tywalina on Sat Sep 30 7:36:16 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Deny connections that use PPSSPP nickname.
Alright it has been done. REPLY by zackvixacd on 30-09-17

 Submitted by Cerberus on Wed Sep 27 8:01:31 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Hi,i still new to here and did like to give some suggestion.Could you guys make a guiding app(How to register how to connect etc.) release it in Google Play Store and put donation function in it so people can donate easily via Google Play Store?Another suggestion is make a VIP function like we could play other game by donate certain money(Just like VPN monthy subscription,im willing to pay for it),since some hardcore players can clear the game in few months -.-

Sry for bad English
Thanks for your suggestion. We will have to think how to approach it, but it has been accepted. REPLY by zackvixacd on 27-09-17

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