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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by Bajiwa on Fri Jul 21 13:45:48 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
Dear Dev

it would be great if questboard can restrict us to conncect in hall or something that make us not frelly join another GH

and maybe many ppl will use the Questboard if this happen

and ik it would be alot of work 4 this.
This is an idea. But it has been rejected for now. I will review it at a later date. For now, the solution is to password protect your quest. The troll will go away.

 Submitted by Angus Blanchard on Wed Jul 19 6:46:12 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
Make Shinryu his own Hunting Horn bot so that he stops kidnapping it :P
It might be better for Shinryu to use the Waifu bot. Using multiple streaming bots will take a toll on bandwidth.

 Submitted by Briig on Sun Jul 16 4:44:36 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
could you add a way to edit quests and to also remove people who forgot to remove themselves from the quest
I have rejected this for now because it might take some effort. Best is to use !remove and !addquest again.

 Submitted by Lost in the Dank (Infernal) on Wed Jul 12 9:00:19 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
Sometimes your name doesn't show up on the Guild Hall Status, but you can still join and play with other people.
We have looked at this matter, and it is really hard to recreate. Submit another ticket when you find out what led to your name not being shown. Maybe you are still using PPSSPP as your nick?

 Submitted by ostarion (probably) on Wed Jul 12 8:57:56 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
needs way, way more furry porn

That Edri guy gives us enough Gay Ass Furry Pr0n

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