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Bot Commands

Note: These commands can be used on HV Discord!


!c commandsShow all the commands
!c rules [EN|SP]Reminds you a quick reminder of the HV rules.!c rules Rules in English
!c reglas Rules in Spanish
!c rules ES gives rules in Spanish
!c dlsavesShows a list of DL saves (for Ora)
!c lastseen [PPSSPPNICK|DISCORDNICK]Gives you detail of when a user was last seen (for good old stalking) .!c lastseen @MightyZack#2322
!c lastseen N00bHunter
!c whois [PPSSPPNICK|DISCORDNICK]Gives discord nick associated with PPSSPP nick or PPSSPP nick associated with Discord Nick (To get that dank nickname of cheaters and snipers)!c whois N00bHunter
!c morewhois [PPSSPPNICK|DISCORDNICK]Gives even more info about a user (including their playtimes and sign up date (Back to the stalking))!c morewhois n00bhunter
!c nolife [F1|FU|P3]The top 10 nolifers (To see who needs to go outside)!c nolife All time noLifers
!c nolife F1 NoLifers in F1
!c playtime [PPSSPPNiCK|DISCORDNICK]Shows playtime and rank (To see who loves MH the most)!c playtime n00bHunter
!c playtime @Someone
!c hvcon [DISCORDNICK]Check if the discord Nick is currently connected to HV!c hvcon Check your HV connection
!c hvcon @SomeRnadom
!c hvfl [DISCORDNICK]Shows your (or nick's) HV friendshiip points. !c hvfl
!c hvfl @MightyZack
!c topXHVFLShows the first X players with the most HV friendshiip points. X=[3,5,10,20]!c topHVFL Check top3 HVFL
!c top20hvfl
!c topXCheaterHunterShows the first X players with the most cheater hunter points. X=[3,5,10,20]!c topCheaterHunter Check top3 Cheater Hunters
!c top5CheaterHunter
!c hvart [DISCORDNICK]Shows your (or nick's) HV Art points!c hvart
!c hvart @MightyZack
!c topXHVArtistsShows the first X players with the most HV Art points. X=[3,5,10]!c topHVArtists Check top3 HV Artitsts.
!c top5HVArtists
!c topXOldShows the X oldest discord members. X=[3,5,10, 20]!c topOld
!c top5HVArtists
!c adpts [DISCORDNICK]Shows your (or nick's) Adsterverse points!c adpts
!c adpts @MightyZack
!c synctrophiesMake the system check/update your trophy. This is rarely needed.!c synchtrophies
!c snapshotMake the system check/update your trophy and save your roles. This is rarely needed.!c synchtrophies
!c gglvl [DISCORDNICK]Shows your (or nick's) HV GG Virus Level. type !c trophy 28 for more info!c gglvl
!c gglvl MightyZack
!c topgglvlShows the top 5 infectious players.!c topgglvl
!c trueflex [DISCORDNICK]Shows your (or the user's) special trophy!c trueflex
!c trueflex @MightyZack
!c trueflex [DISCORDNICK]Shows your (or the user's) special trophy!c trueflex
!c trueflex @MightyZack
!c kickstatsGives you the number of people kicked with vote2kick during this month (To check how often people get kicked for sniping)
!activity [GAME] [TIME]Gives the unique number of hunters connected to GAME TIME ago!activity p3rd 10 minutes
!activity fu 2 hours
!activity f1 3 weeks
!countrycount [COUNTRY]Gives the number of sign ups (and banned users) from a particular country!countrycount all stats
!countrycount USA
!countrycount Indonesia
!linksShows all important links
!tagsShows you all the HV tags
!c announce [TYPE] MESSAGEMakes a particular announcement to a specific role. This can only be used by a few users. [TYPE] can be HVartist, Freelooter, Lotto, or Donator!c announce HVArtist Donate to ZackMake announcement to HVartists
!c checkban [DISCORDNICK]Check if you (or nick) was banned and why.!c checkban
!c checkban @SuperCheater
!c checkbypasser DISCORDNICKCheck if the discordnick was reported as a bypasser.!c checkbypasser @SuperCheater

Note:Your certificate is to use by you and only you. Please behave appropriately and responsibly. HunsterVerse will not route your connection; it will only establish P2P connection with others. We reserve the right to remove your certificate from HunsterVerse.