Hi Hunster! HunsterVerse went through some major updates and migration.
You will need to come to discord (click here) to update your certificate!
Come to the #bot-commands channel and type  !c hv2.0cert . We are generating new certificates! Come join us on Discord!

Registrations are now open! Patapon Players, Welcome to HunsterVerse!

Bot Commands

Note: These commands can be used on HV Discord!
!c hvcon [@User]
Check your HV Connection status and which lobby you will be connected to.
!c hvcon
!c hvcon @UserName
!c lobby [PARAMS]
Set your PPSSPP Game Lobby to A, B, or C. C is reserved for greatBois. Type '!c lobby' for more info.
!c lobby set B
!c lobby set A
!c lobby set C
!c lobby invite @Nick
!c lobby uninvite @Nick
!c lobby guestlist
!c ping [@User]
Show your ping to the HV Server.
!c ping
!c ping @UserName
!c hvping
!activity [GAME] [TIME]
Show how many users have been active playing that game in the last [TIME].
!activity FU 1 hour
!activity F1 10 minutes
!activity P3 1 day
!c freegh [GAME]
Show free available gathering hall.
!c freegh
!c mygh [@User]
Show the current status of your gathering hall.
!c mygh
!c mygh @UserName
!c p MSG
Broadcast a MSG to the party in your gathering hall.
!c p Donate To Zack
!c party I need Potion
!c ty
Thank people who hunted with you. You also earned HVFP and Coins.
!c ty
!c thx
!c danke
!c bonus [@Nick]
Check your or @Nick's bonus cooldown.
!c bonus
!c bonus @Thanos
!c sq [GAME]
Show quests posted on the HV questboard.
!c sq
!c seeQuest
!c vq [GAME] N stars
Show the village keyquests.
!c vq FU 3 stars
!c vq P3 5 stars
!c villageQuests P3 2 stars
!c kq [GAME] HRX
Show the gathering hall keyquests.
!c kq FU HR4
!c kq P3 HR2
!c ecodata MonsterName
Show ecology data of a monster.
!c ecodata Plesioth
!c ecodata Rajang
!c weak [GAME] MonsterName
Show the weakness of a particular monster.
!c weak FU Plesioth
!c weak P3 Qurupeco
!c hzv [GAME] MonsterName
Show more data regarding hit zone values.
!c hzv FU Plesioth
!c hzv P3 Qurupeco
!c wt [GAME] WeaponName
Show upgrade regarding WeaponName. Go to the site to see the whole tree.
!c wt FU Agito
!c weaponTree P3 Iron Katana
!c weaponInfo [GAME] WeaponName
Show the material needed to craft a weapon. Go to the site to see the whole tree.
!c weaponInfo FU Agito
!c weaponInfo P3 Iron Katana
!c palicoskill skillName [MonsterName]
Show detail about a particular skillName or the skill obtained by defeating a monster.
!c palicoskill Taunt
!c palicoskill monster Rathian
!c food skillName|List|cook IngredientA+IngredientB
Show food info/combo/skill from F1 and FU game. .
!c cook kirin cheese + blessed wine
!c list veggie
!c food skill Attack up Large
!c combo [Item]
Show how to obtain a particular Item through combo.
!c combo Mega Potion
!c HH [Game] NoteA NoteB NoteC
Show HuntingHorn Combos.
!c HH FU white yellow red
!c RM MapName
Show map's resource locations.
!c rm forest and hills
!c rm old jungle
Show what Trenya can give you from a map.
!c trenya map forest and hill 200
!c trenya item honey
Show damage dealt using a particular weapon on a particular monster. Weapon info is as follows: [WEAPONTYPE][ATK][ELEMENT][ELMENTATK][SHARPNESS]. For example: DS220F50B for DS with 200 Atk, 50 Fire and blue Sharpness
!c dmg FU Diablos LC500W200G
!c dmg FU Diablos GS500D200B
!c peek GHXX lobby X
Peek into GHXX in a lobby X.
!c peek GH1 FU lobby A
!c peek GH10 P3 lobby C
!gh [P3|FU|F1|XX]
Show HV GH status.
!gh fu
!c AQ Quest_INFO
Add a quest to the HV QuestBoard.
!c AQ FU GH02 Farming Plesioth
!c AddQuest FU GH06 Donate to Zack
!c mq
Show your currently posted quest on HV QuestBoard.
!c mq
!c MyQuest
!c SQ
See quests posted on HV QuestsBoard.
!c SQ
!c SeeQuests
!c RQ
Remove a quest you have posted on the HV QuestBoard.
!c rq
!c removeQuest
!c AFQ Future_Quest_INFO
Add a quest to the HV FutureQuestBoard.
!c AFQ FU GH02 Farming in 3 days
!c addFutureQuest FU GH5 Donating to Zack in 5 days
!c SeeFutureQuest
Show quests posted on HV FutureQuestBoard.
!c SeeFutureQuest
!c JoinFutureQuest QID
Reserve a spot on a FutureQuest.
!c JoinFutureQuest 69420
!c LeaveFutureQuest
Leave a FutureQuest you have previously joined.
!c LeaveFutureQuest
!c randomHunt @Nick1 @Nick2 @Nick3
Generate a random quest/hunt with @Nick1, @Nick2, and @Nick3 as partners.
!c randomhunt MightyZack
!c setsessionid MHW_SESSION_ID
Set the current MHW session id. Requires proper permission for it.
!c setsessionid DONATETOZACK
!c addession DONATETOHV
!c vc [PARAMS]
Creates a personal voice chat in HV with NUsers spots. You can give permission to specific user to join your voice chat. You can also change the number of allowed users.
!c vc create 10
!c vc allow @Nick1 @Nick2
!c vc set_max 6
!c seessionid
See the current MHW session id.
!c sessionid DONATETOZACK
!c killid
Remove the current set MHW session id. Requires proper permission for it.
!c killid
!c destroysession
!c gameIPs
Show the IP of the other HV Game servers.
!c gameips
!c gip

Note:Your certificate is to be used by you and only you. Please behave appropriately and responsibly. HunsterVerse will not route your connection; it will only establish P2P connection with others. We reserve the right to remove your certificate from HunsterVerse *).
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