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HunsterMonter Tips (To help Git Gud)

Submit your Own Pwnage Tips here and make the total number of "uzeful" Tips reach over 2186,000(?)!!!
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Tip #1547 +(-3)-
Having trouble fighting two monsters at the same time in arena? Just kill one of them.

-- MightyZack#3463

Tip #863 +(-3)-
Dont believe MIghtyZack and his lies!

-- Cookiezakacookiez999#1760

Tip #1082 +(-18)-
If you are getting mad because somebody keep sending you fly, just throw tranquilizer on him.

-- JoyJoy

Tip #2146 +(3)-
No matter how hard a quest is, it'll be easier if you don't take it.

-- JoyJoy

Tip #503 +(-4)-
Use big barrel bomb+ to blow yourself up lol

-- Vaccaria of Pristine Hunters HR7#6362