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HunsterMonter Tips (To help Git Gud)

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Tip #1119 +(33)-
you can use carves to avoid attacks. while carving you have Iframes for a period of time (trust me)

-- WatashiNoCuscino(cyarolin)#1826

Tip #1368 +(-17)-
try to use a spar against a blangonga you will cheese the boss

-- WatashiNoCuscino%28cyarolin%29%231826

Tip #1614 +(11)-
free fast travel = carting

-- Shinikami#6220

Tip #1472 +(10)-
Don't be lazy to get out of the GH to check the lady's item store in Yukumo. She may give you a discount.

-- JoyJoy

Tip #727 +(10)-
The best strategy that won't ever fail is...Kill and not die, hit and not get hit.

-- Brazuka#6343