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HunsterMonter Tips (To help Git Gud)

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Tip #2127 +(14)-
Be aware of leaving your piggy in the house .. his secretly stealing your meats ..

-- mameer#2213

Tip #1651 +(-19)-
big tiddy goth gf

-- Ostarion#8873

Tip #2262 +(2)-
always fucking remember : LS users shud stay away from everyone especially hammer's ree

-- Мамээr#4848

Tip #801 +(0)-
Hatsune is your Best Mommy you can rant whatever you want to her - Mommy Hatsune

-- Mommy Hatsune#0078

Tip #2191 +(15)-
If someone called Deka to want play with you, dont play hes noob <:problem:338245734392528906>

-- Mustard#2073