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HV Posted Quests

Current Quests (In the Gathering Hall)

These quests will appear in the Online Gathering Hall here. Simply click on the arrow to see the details of the quest.
To add a quest, type on Discord: !proto addQuest FU QUEST INFO GHXX

  FU:GH18 Pink rathian [2/4] Posted 24 minute(s) ago by Hat#5685
  FU:GH14 Salma [4/4] Posted 31 minute(s) ago by Salma - robo#1941
  FU:GH03 highrank chameleos! [3/4] Posted 57 minute(s) ago by Thurd#4289

Future Coordinated Quests

Are you trying to recruit people to complete a challenge? Are you trying to let people know you that you are a n00b scrub and you need to be carried? Or are you just trying to gather up people for some MH fun?
The Future Coordinated Quests is what you need. Simply post your quest on discord with a future date and just wait... hopefully people will join.All times are in GMT to make coordination easier.
Join the fun on discord here here.

To post a quest on discord, type !proto addFutureQuest DESCRIPTION in XX [minutes|hours|days|weeks|month]
To join, type on DISCORD !proto joinFutureQuest QID
Current Time 2020-Jan-21 15:13:46+00:00

  QID211: just testing if it works GH24 in 378d19h25m by XxIrisxX#7046 for 2021-Feb-03 10:38+00:00
  QID232: in 529d19h24m by (ง'̀-'́)ง Skydrive ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)#9294 for 2021-Jul-04 10:37+00:00
  QID269: fu giadrome no chute[full] in 2848828312348d18h17m by Luis#7012 for 7799829018-Feb-22 09:31+00:00
  QID317: hunts in 23705d20h36m by v3#8338 for 2084-Dec-16 11:50+00:00