HV Maintenance and Migration is now 89.69% complete!
We are generating new certificates! Come join us on Discord!
Registrations will re-open soon.

Thanks for your patience! Sorry if you are touching too much grass :(
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  1. Migrate Main Website, and VPN Servers
  2. Perform System Tests
  3. Update Main VPN Servers
  4. Play
  5. → Restore DataBases
  6. → Send & Generate new certificates
  7. Give Users detailed reports

GH Status Current: 84 | MH Players: 64 | Max Today: 106 | All Time Max: 211 on 2021-04-24
Unique Players today: 577 | P3: 329 | FU: 243 | F1: 5

Commands and More... [+]
• Type !gh in #bot-commands to see the gh status.
• Type !c p YOUR_MESSAGE to send message to your party.
• Type !c mygh to see people in your GH.
• Type !c aq YOUR_QUESTINFO to add a quest on the questboard.
• Type !c thanks to thank the players you played with and earn some HV Friendship points.
• Type !c vote2kick PPSSPPNICK to kick an unwanted guest in your GH. Try to contact that person first!
• Type !c randomhunt hunterA hunterB to generate a hunt suggestion with hunterA and hunterB.
• Check out Other bot commands here
• Check out Future and Current Quests here.
• Get Flairs at HV Store here.
• Set Profile Flairs and Colors here.
Glowing Effect: users who supported HunsterVerse. Donate here.
• Nicknames longer than 12 characters will be shortened.

MH Games Only https://hunstermonter.net/info.php?game=mh
Patapon Game Only https://hunstermonter.net/info.php?game=patapon
All Other Games https://hunstermonter.net/info.php?game=ot

User Statistics [+]

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Players Online: 84
Unique Today: 577

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