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Chat/Quote #98 +(-6)-
Arayu: ROFL
Arayu: Kaze fails
Arayu: And Kaze, even if she wasn't home...
Arayu: My bro's playing CoCK4
Arayu: Err
Arayu: CoD*
Arayu: Sorry, the letters are right there.

Chat/Quote #100 +(27)-
Nick: Youre so wrong! Lasagna and vagina dont sound alike at all!
Guy: Thats just because youre not thinking outside the box, man.

Chat/Quote #101 +(9)-
Jask: The thing about bisexuals is they'll stick their hand down a persons pants and be happy with whateeeeever they find.
ZackVixACD: it is called broadening your choice, Jask
SoulG: Or your anus
SoulG: Broadening your anus
Rensei: LOL
HotGamerMum: ....
Jask: Done that. Good times.

Chat/Quote #66 +(7)-
Redpug987 [[email protected]] entered the room.
Redpug987: FUCK ASS FUCKS!!!!
mode (+b *!*@mib-240AE7FB.bois.qwest.net) by Jask
ZackVixACD: he is still in the room
ZackVixACD: I am waited for a very original message in your kick Jask
Morgene: He can't talk or anything
Jask: I figured I'd let him sit and watch for a short time
Redpug987 left the room (Kicked by Jask (very original)).

Chat/Quote #143 +(40)-
Jask: It's like how some people like regular milk better, and some like chocolate milk better.
HotGamerMum: breastmilk?
Jask: That totally wasn't a racial comment, Mum.
croda: no, that's an interracial metaphor jask
HotGamerMum: ...
croda: cuz margerine comes in a tub and butter is in a stick =)