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Chat/Quote #131 +(40)-
Zanco: what's the new best porn video on the internet now?

Chat/Quote #49 +(4)-
Cptmrrm: and i think im going to stop getting on this thing everytime i get on all i have is just one question but instead i always end up getting an answer and a penis

The good ol' days. . .

Chat/Quote #195 +(2)-
KidImposter: !google is gone
MumsWrath: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beGjncfEPt8
KidImposter: niggerfuckshitdamn

Chat/Quote #95 +(10)-
<Seamus>Sorry I called you a bitch yesterday, I didn't actually mean it.

Chat/Quote #223 +(9)-
<ZackVixACD> some fucked up bots keep on doing shit on hunstermonter. I don't want to build a kaptcha because I don't want users to be slowed down by it when they submit shit, and i don't want to hold submissions because I want the chat quotes to go online right away >:/ Grrr!!! and the builders of those bots think I am stupid and am using BBcode or I am even enabling Html codes.
<Cleric> hmmm... should i watch jaws 2?
<HotGamerMum> why your site?
<ZackVixACD> I don't know :/ I don't even think it is that popular. I mainly have it for my own entertainment >:/
<HotGamerMum> weird
<Cleric> c'mon... of course it's popular, i've posted a couple of things on there
<Cleric> i've probably posted more on there than i have on the forums... ever
<ZackVixACD> lol
<ZackVixACD> Now I need to think of a way of getting rid fo them. Obviously ip bans isn't the way to go as they are changing those
<Cleric> double murder suicide?
<ZackVixACD> http://www.hunstermonter.net/quotes.php?act=gq&q=222 look at this shit?
<ZackVixACD> double murder suicide?
<Cleric> yeah, why not
<ZackVixACD> okay, that's what I will do. I will have to use myself as admin and not let quotes go online yet.
<Cleric> ouch
<ZackVixACD> what's double murder suicide?
<Cleric> that'll be time consuming
<Cleric> when you kill 2 people and kill yourself
<ZackVixACD> oh
<ZackVixACD> alright, or I will do that. I will enable proxy blocking like I had before.
<ZackVixACD> I only disabled that because of thraadash >:/