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Chat/Quote #43 +(1)-
AdmiredFob: yao
AdmiredFob: yap
AdmiredFob: lol embargo
maxninja: he was gonna say yaoi
maxninja: cus he gay
Corona: ya i know
maxninja: RUFFLE
maxninja: 1
Jask: Hey Fob, you missed it, there was a yaoi night at fanime. You'd have loved it.
AdmiredFob: idk wtf a yaoi is :/
Corona: that makes me feel like killing myself
AdmiredFob: omg
AdmiredFob: dick
Jask: Haha! Please tell me you just googled "yaoi"

Chat/Quote #84 +(-5)-
Zermuffin: Guys, I want you to know
Zermuffin: I don't want to be Arayu anymore.
Zermuffin: I wish to be Zermuffin
Seamus: ...why?
Kogath|MH3: Can I call you Zergmuffin?
Seamus: ^
Zermuffin: Becauze Zermuffin > Arayu
Zermuffin: No. It's just Zermuffin.
Seamus: Zergmuffin>Zermuffin
Kogath|MH3: But I like the sound of Zergmuffin...
Zermuffin: Pronounced Z-air-muff-en
Kogath|MH3: Z-urg-muff-en
Seamus: ...fuck that, you're Zergmuffin
Zermuffin: lol
Zermuffin: Okay, okay.
Zermuffin: Lurker? :D
Kogath|MH3: lol
Seamus: Eh, work your way up.
Seamus: Gotta start as a Drone.

Chat/Quote #261 +(22)-
[HotGamerMum] "I'm never having kids. I hear they take 9 months to download."

Chat/Quote #178 +(-12)-
<AdmiredFob> I'm really lazy to train
<ZackVixACD> train in real life?
<AdmiredFob> no, train in pokemanz
<ZackVixACD> oh man :/
<ZackVixACD> I have wasted so much precious time doing that.
<ZackVixACD> could have been fapping all that time

Chat/Quote #61 +(-12)-
Morgene: Is that on the quotes thing yet?
Ghostcat: ?
Morgene: Nevermind...

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