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Chat/Quote #165 +(-24)-
thraadash: I have opened a piece of chocolate to see lots of white little worms in it.
DragoValhar:I'd suggest buying chocolate from someone other than that guy in the windowless van down by the river.

Chat/Quote #196 +(3)-
Popo|AHP: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Popo|AHP left the room (Kicked by MumsWrath (Letter repeats detected, do not use excess consecutive letters. (25+ consecutive f's) :: - Banned - 42)).
HotGamerMum: kid, leave that alone
Jask: I do too, Dash
HotGamerMum: i want that

Chat/Quote #94 +(-4)-
ZackVixACD: let's all stop talking until Mom goes to bed
HotGamerMum: is will not work zacky...
*** Mode change "+m" for channel #socb by Jask.
HotGamerMum: other days?
Jask: sure it will

Chat/Quote #126 +(35)-
Jask: My throat is unhappy :(
Adalet: Then stop sucking cock.
Adalet: Deep throating is bad for your throat, Jask.

Chat/Quote #135 +(61)-
*** Seamus joined #socb
19:15 Adalet: I masturbate to cats.
19:15 Mr_Popo: that doesnt really count, jask...
19:15 Adalet: Seamus enters at all the wrong times.
19:15 Mr_Popo: what a great entrance for seamus, no?
19:15 *** gackto quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
19:15 Seamus: I always pick interesting times to come in.
19:15 Jask: That's softcore, isn't it, Popo?
19:15 Ryuko: And I can imagine what seamus is thinking now

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