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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by Rijki on Mon Oct 19 12:57:34 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
I've formated my PC and lost the file to import into OpenVPN andI should have deleted the original email with this file. I would like to know if you could help me by sending another email with this file to the same email: [email protected] thanks in advance
Submitted by Daniel090 on Tue Oct 6 21:28:47 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
Quero que retire minha conta pois eu já fiz login, não deu tentei outro login e falou que muito login usado. Quero que arrume isso por favor, pois não consigo fazer o registro . Vou fiz tudo certo não consegui nem chegar perto de jogar online nesse servidor. Então por favor resolva isso , tire minha conta , para eu tentar fazer de novo !!
Submitted by Usam on Mon Sep 14 17:42:37 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
It would be awesome to play online using the original hardware to play on, yes I'm talking about not just the PSP but also it's big brother, PS VITA. Remote play is not perfect so it's really not comfortable to play while lying down. Picture this, you just got home from work, pick up your PSP/PSVITA and play Monster Hunter and visit lobbies that are full of dudes and lady dudes willing and ready to hunt, plus you can play in any comfortable position you want, be it sitting on the toilet, dining table, washing the dishes, doing the laundry or while listening to your wife whine. But I know this request will be denied since developing it will be a challenge even for a senior developer without the budget, time, man power and pesky limitations but hey, it's a really promising feature, imagine the potential Player Base blowing up knowing that all their retro games can now be played online once again.
Submitted by Eduardo Oña on Tue Jun 16 14:00:40 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
Hola mi nombre es Eduardo soy jugador de mhp3rd y quería. Saber si pueden hacer misiones customs con todos los moustros del juego pero en la arena de tamaño y daño normal , las misiones de los moustros X son un verdadero desafío me encantaron pero me gustaría que hubiese esas misiónes de todos los moustros pero en la arena :'3 si leen esto sería muy genial que las hagan y me gustaría mucho además que es de gran ayuda para entrenar y no tener que buscar al moustro de zona en zona . Muchas gracias por su atención espero y logren leer mi solicitud :3 lindo día
Submitted by Jesús Gilberto (ChuyGhostt) on Wed Apr 1 6:12:39 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
Hola tengo un problema lo que pasa es que no me llega el correo con el código para el registro ya lo intente varias veces dejando 2 horas de margen para que expire el anterior registro y nada nomas no me llega nada, incluso hice un nuevo correo y aplique lo mismo y tampoco me llego nada, saben que pueda estar haciendo mal?
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