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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by Juanpi on Sun Jun 28 16:24:56 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
mi certificado no funciona cuando quiero conectarme ayuda
Submitted by SadLad on Thu Jun 25 3:37:40 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
if there a chance that you would build a mod for the Monster hunter 3Ultimate of 3DS, due of its lack of self online capabilities. 3ds already has all what its needed for this game to be online, just need some twicking i think, 3Ultimate changes to local when it goes online, i think if someone builds a app on a mod in which you could change the local to Online, and make it go to a proxy port on a pc, you could re direct the online, just the same process is done to the Quest Editor, but instead you make a virtual port, to where the pc app makes a server ,like hamachi or some, and the 3ds conects to it, and just its thing of make a conecting route for the other divices for then to go to the same route IP...basically the PC app makes all, the 3ds just go and conect, but pc recives them, and re conects the ip....i think you get the idea...i can make it myself because of my lack of knowledge. but im prety sure allows this kind of mod. i mean, you make something similar on the psp
Submitted by Eduardo Oña on Tue Jun 16 14:00:40 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
Hola mi nombre es Eduardo soy jugador de mhp3rd y quería. Saber si pueden hacer misiones customs con todos los moustros del juego pero en la arena de tamaño y daño normal , las misiones de los moustros X son un verdadero desafío me encantaron pero me gustaría que hubiese esas misiónes de todos los moustros pero en la arena :'3 si leen esto sería muy genial que las hagan y me gustaría mucho además que es de gran ayuda para entrenar y no tener que buscar al moustro de zona en zona . Muchas gracias por su atención espero y logren leer mi solicitud :3 lindo día
Submitted by Henz on Sat Jun 13 5:21:37 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
Why not create a room just for noob people?
Submitted by Nue houjuu#3076 on Sun Jun 7 23:00:43 UTC 2020
Status: Not Yet reviewed
My openvpn export document has been lost can I get it again
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