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Chat/Quote #252 +(-59)-
Jask: My penis
ZackVixACD: I like that one'
Jask: Who wants it.
ZackVixACD: kind of good one

Chat/Quote #251 +(20)-
<Nya> Real men are having sex right now!

Chat/Quote #250 +(54)-
<Ryuko>: Dude, this an amazing idea: Build a structure that spans the entire equator, then knock out the supports so that it floats above the surface of the planet. People get on at one point, the earth rotates under them, and they get off somewhere else.

Chat/Quote #248 +(28)-
<Anon>: yeah, if you rape them and they end up enjoying it, that's called unrape

Chat/Quote #245 +(27)-
*** ShotaBot|[email protected] kicked ZackVixACD from the channel: I'm TIRED of these MOTHER FUCKIN' ZACKVIXACD"s on my MOTHER FUCKIN' CHOO CHOO TRAIN. Fuck shit nigger damn cunt.

Chat/Quote #243 +(8)-
<ZackVixACD>: my friend plugged in his 360 after couple of months, and guess what happened?
<KazeNurite>: RRoD
<Arayu>: It RRoD'd?
<KidImposter>: RROD
<ZackVixACD>: yeah
<KazeNurite>: lololol
<Seamus>: I was gonna guess that it burst into flame.

Chat/Quote #241 +(96)-
***Xlol glomps Reid, Vesuvius, Bot, Shirt, GeneStarwind, Frogore, Golgaman, Mandabear, mib_reuhc7, Mr_Popo, nosrevelk, Quel, Raviente, Soft, Venocx, and ZackVixACD
<Xlol>: :D
<ZackVixACD>: nick spamming?
Xlol left the room (quit: Quit: night Reid Vesuvius Bot Shirt GeneStarwind Frogore Golgaman Mandabear mib_reuhc7 Mr_Popo nosrevelk Quel Raviente Soft Vesuvius ZackVixACD).

Chat/Quote #239 +(-23)-
<me>: I break my dry spells with some ultimate mega fapping xD

Chat/Quote #238 +(34)-
Frogore: For all we know there could be a raid on the WIKI and not the chat. Picture waking up tomorrow and there be gay dinosaur sex gifs on every page

Chat/Quote #237 +(-10)-
<Cleric> omg... my connection just fixed itself
<Ryuko> yay?
<Ryuko> wait, does that mean that your connection is the world's first self aware self sustaining ai?
<Cleric> i think so
<Cleric> go optus
<Cleric> decent speed!
<KidImposter> it's a lie
<Cleric> i might watch a youtube video!
<KidImposter> it's faking it
<Cleric> you try telling it that
<Cleric> it'll probably kill you and take over the world
<Cleric> D= it's reading everything we say!
<Cleric> we're doomed
<Ryuko> unplug it
<Ryuko> it'll die
<Cleric> I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Ryuko.
<Ryuko> sup HAL
<Cleric> World Domination.

Chat/Quote #236 +(0)-

Chat/Quote #232 +(22)-
<giascle>: Silly Microsoft, no one cares if the upgrades could make it more powerful than the Pentagon. Unless it looks new, it is inferior.
<Nymous>: I heard they are gonna add a new and more powerful RROD...

Chat/Quote #231 +(-7)-
<Ichiro>:"The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life, and I don’t even know if we’re at the midpoint yet."
<Ichiro>: Long life... Yet many died already...

Chat/Quote #229 +(9)-
***thraadash facepalms
***SexyG buttpalms

Chat/Quote #224 +(-24)-
<Cleric> i was on a friend's file and i threw a masterball at one of the elite 4's pokemon
<ZackVixACD> you wasted his masterball lol
<Cleric> he was soooo pissed
<Cleric> i was like... hmmm... catches anything eh

Chat/Quote #223 +(4)-
<ZackVixACD> some fucked up bots keep on doing shit on hunstermonter. I don't want to build a kaptcha because I don't want users to be slowed down by it when they submit shit, and i don't want to hold submissions because I want the chat quotes to go online right away >:/ Grrr!!! and the builders of those bots think I am stupid and am using BBcode or I am even enabling Html codes.
<Cleric> hmmm... should i watch jaws 2?
<HotGamerMum> why your site?
<ZackVixACD> I don't know :/ I don't even think it is that popular. I mainly have it for my own entertainment >:/
<HotGamerMum> weird
<Cleric> c'mon... of course it's popular, i've posted a couple of things on there
<Cleric> i've probably posted more on there than i have on the forums... ever
<ZackVixACD> lol
<ZackVixACD> Now I need to think of a way of getting rid fo them. Obviously ip bans isn't the way to go as they are changing those
<Cleric> double murder suicide?
<ZackVixACD> http://www.hunstermonter.net/quotes.php?act=gq&q=222 look at this shit?
<ZackVixACD> double murder suicide?
<Cleric> yeah, why not
<ZackVixACD> okay, that's what I will do. I will have to use myself as admin and not let quotes go online yet.
<Cleric> ouch
<ZackVixACD> what's double murder suicide?
<Cleric> that'll be time consuming
<Cleric> when you kill 2 people and kill yourself
<ZackVixACD> oh
<ZackVixACD> alright, or I will do that. I will enable proxy blocking like I had before.
<ZackVixACD> I only disabled that because of thraadash >:/

Chat/Quote #200 +(65)-
MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath
* MumsWrath is now known as Guest29224
* Guest29224 is now known as MumsWrath_
* MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath
<DragoValhar> Uh oh, Kids bot got broke.
* MumsWrath is now known as Guest38695
* Guest38695 is now known as MumsWrath_
* MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath

Chat/Quote #199 +(-54)-
MonthOLDpickle: heh my GF got me a wedding ring
DarkCobraSK: <.<
Seamus: She's dropping hints, Mop.
Seamus: Run

Chat/Quote #197 +(-3)-
BaltoTheSeaman: so she told me "I know why you are doing this. You just want to get in my pants and do it with me", and I look straight in her eyes with the most serious romantic look and reply "You are wrong. I want to do get in your pants more than once"

Chat/Quote #196 +(4)-
Popo|AHP: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Popo|AHP left the room (Kicked by MumsWrath (Letter repeats detected, do not use excess consecutive letters. (25+ consecutive f's) :: - Banned - 42)).
HotGamerMum: kid, leave that alone
Jask: I do too, Dash
HotGamerMum: i want that

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