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Chat/Quote #53 +(34)-

16:43 Jask Apparently I forgot that you existed, Gawi.

Chat/Quote #52 +(22)-
[14:26] <@aegilnet> this chat is epic, girls/transformers/DBZ/matrix all at ones, without anyone complaining

Chat/Quote #50 +(-15)-
<gnsnprwldwsl> Anyone here into cars ?
<%tm10> I've been into a car once. It was pretty sweet.
<Arayu> Yeah
<Arayu> I've been in a car or two
<gnsnprwldwsl> = ='
<gnsnprwldwsl> Sigh, IRC.

Chat/Quote #49 +(-2)-
Cptmrrm: and i think im going to stop getting on this thing everytime i get on all i have is just one question but instead i always end up getting an answer and a penis

The good ol' days. . .

Chat/Quote #48 +(7)-
VioletKIRA: oh crap jask is back
* VioletKIRA puts clothes back on
tm10|fapping: Jask, get the fuck out, now.
Jask: Oh crap, Kira is back!
* Jask takes clothes back off

Chat/Quote #47 +(43)-
Amzo: Whose's the irc whore around here?
Amzo: I need some hawt cyber.
Jask: That would be tm
DyrimTW: tm10

Chat/Quote #45 +(-1)-
ZackVixACD: I am watching a documentary on TV about crashes
ZackVixACD: and I was just thinking about posting a comment ...
ZackVixACD: then I realized .. it is tv... :/
ZackVixACD: damn you Youtube

Chat/Quote #43 +(-5)-
AdmiredFob: yao
AdmiredFob: yap
AdmiredFob: lol embargo
maxninja: he was gonna say yaoi
maxninja: cus he gay
Corona: ya i know
maxninja: RUFFLE
maxninja: 1
Jask: Hey Fob, you missed it, there was a yaoi night at fanime. You'd have loved it.
AdmiredFob: idk wtf a yaoi is :/
Corona: that makes me feel like killing myself
AdmiredFob: omg
AdmiredFob: dick
Jask: Haha! Please tell me you just googled "yaoi"

Chat/Quote #42 +(27)-
Jask: tm, those bastards crashed my Firefox.
tm10: Ban them. Ban them all.

Chat/Quote #41 +(20)-
Jask: I'm gay for men.
Jask: Especially Sev and Ryuko.
Jaded: ._.
Mavren: I'm fungus for men
Jask: Mav is a mushroom for Mario?
Mavren: D: mario will eat me!
Jaded: That's awkward.
Jask: Mario will eat you and become big.

Chat/Quote #40 +(10)-
Von: I hate Ryuko :(
Ryuko: No you don't.
Von: Do too.
Ryuko: You like me, and it scares you.

Chat/Quote #39 +(-14)-
<Corona>: In New York 2 years ago, 200 monks decided to meditate in Time Square, and their goal was to reduce crime in the city by 25%
<Corona>: At first, they were made fun of by the police
<Corona>: After one week, they ended up getting support from the police
<Corona>: Because in one week, there was a 25% drop
<ZackVixACD>: damn Monks, they have a lot of mana
<TheSeraph>: do i get girls if i meditate in a shopping centre?

Chat/Quote #38 +(-60)-
* HolyDragonNall rapes Fob as an apology

Chat/Quote #37 +(-22)-
<TheSeraph>: !@#$%^&*()_
<ZackVixACD>: !@#$%^&*()_ <-- Damn, what programing language is this? PissedOff++?

Chat/Quote #36 +(92)-
Croda: I'm bored
Jask: me too.
Jask: Wanna fuck shit up?
Croda: yes btw

Chat/Quote #35 +(11)-
SilverIceGale: ive known the greatest pleasure in my jask mum
SilverIceGale: WTF AM I SAYING
mrt: LOL
* SilverIceGale facepalms
SilverIceGale: GAWD
* SilverIceGale slams head onto desk repeatedly

Chat/Quote #34 +(56)-
Biscuit: some guy is talking to me on msn but idk wtf he is
Biscuit: :/
DyrimTW: tell him to sod off
DyrimTW: like the wanker he is
Jask: Start cybering with him.
Biscuit: but he knows who i am
Biscuit: and like
Jask: He'll leave you alone if you keep at it long enough
Biscuit: :/
Biscuit: k jask's advice worked
Biscuit: he's gone now

Chat/Quote #33 +(12)-
Jask: Hello all.
tm10: hi
tm10: i am the only one around
Jask: Well, it's just you and I then.
Jask: Shall we turn down the lights?
* tm10 puts on some Barry White
tm10: We shall.

Chat/Quote #32 +(-32)-
AdmiredFob: As young as Jask is, he looks like a fucking 30 year old
AdmiredFob: or hotter
AdmiredFob: i mean
AdmiredFob: older
AdmiredFob: >_>
Jask: Thank you Fob, I'm flattered.
tm10: Freudian slip...

Chat/Quote #31 +(74)-
DyrimTW: It's bullshit, and i'm calling christians on it.
* Jesus stabs Dyrim.
Jesus: The pain means I'm real.
DyrimTW: wtf
*** npc has joined #socb.
Senpai3330: rofl
DyrimTW: .....hax.

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