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Chat/Quote #142 +(10)-
<Adalet> We're no strangers to love, you know the rules, and so do I! A commitments what I'm thinking of...
<Mr_Popo> kick him
<Mr_Popo> now
<Adalet> Rofl.
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
*** Bot kicked Mr_Popo from the channel: Stop flooding!
*** Mr_Popo has joined #socb
<Mr_Popo> lol
<Mr_Popo> irony
<Adalet> Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!

Chat/Quote #141 +(30)-
ZackVixACD: ... wow 4 people
ZackVixACD: oh wait... that's just Mr_Popo
NotJask: hurr?
NotJask: i aint that fat

Chat/Quote #139 +(46)-
<Mr_Popo> hey...
<Mr_Popo> is this mean?
<Mr_Popo> <F|ExpectingAFlood> brb watching flood happen
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> kewl
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> film it
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> and send it to bis
<Mr_Popo> <asd> lol
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> so he can put on livestream
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> and people will watch again
* Mr_Popo was kicked by Bot (Stop flooding!)

Chat/Quote #136 +(-10)-
<Adalet> Hey WANDER
<Butthurt> inb4nigger
<Adalet> You're a fucking NIGGER.
<Jaded> Maiden > bot
* Wandermeyer sets mode: +b *!*@428E5C17.E36FE25C.14E6DA79.IP
<Kite> nice butthurt
<Kite> that was good timing
* Adalet was kicked by Wandermeyer (cool)

Chat/Quote #135 +(42)-
*** Seamus joined #socb
19:15 Adalet: I masturbate to cats.
19:15 Mr_Popo: that doesnt really count, jask...
19:15 Adalet: Seamus enters at all the wrong times.
19:15 Mr_Popo: what a great entrance for seamus, no?
19:15 *** gackto quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
19:15 Seamus: I always pick interesting times to come in.
19:15 Jask: That's softcore, isn't it, Popo?
19:15 Ryuko: And I can imagine what seamus is thinking now

Chat/Quote #134 +(50)-
AgentFriedTofu: Jask
AgentFriedTofu: is a godly entity
Kevan: ZOMG wheres my saviour
Adalet: Sleeping, probably.

Chat/Quote #133 +(-5)-
* VioletKIRA ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
<&Jask> Aw. Bye bye Kira.
<&Jask> She didn't even say bye...
<@asp> byeee
<@asp> there
<@asp> I said it for her
<&Ryuko> you cant
<&Ryuko> thats like putting words in her mouth
<Mr_Popo> and we all know nobody likes having things put in their mouth
<Mr_Popo> except jask, i guess
<&Ryuko> maybe she had a reaso-
<&Ryuko> ...
<&Jask> Hey, lots of people enjoy that.
<&Jask> In the physical sense. The metaphoric sense, not many people.

Chat/Quote #132 +(12)-
Jask: Fuck!
Jask: I lift up the toilet seat and there's a spider sitting on the edge of the bowl.
JMRV: Do you clean up your toilet?
Rensei: lol.

Chat/Quote #131 +(40)-
Zanco: what's the new best porn video on the internet now?

Chat/Quote #128 +(-1)-
HotGamerMum: time for me to go sexing..
HotGamerMum: be back later
***HotGamerMum is now away: Sexing

Chat/Quote #127 +(-11)-
ZackVixACD: heya people
ZackVixACD: does anyone play guitar here?
dyudt: no
dyudt: but my brother does
dyudt: but ive been playin drums since i was like 11
ratchild: I play cd's - I used to play tapes but I'm out of practice
ZackVixACD: oh god, you are so useless :/

Chat/Quote #126 +(31)-
Jask: My throat is unhappy :(
Adalet: Then stop sucking cock.
Adalet: Deep throating is bad for your throat, Jask.

Chat/Quote #125 +(-13)-
Draconoob: omg just got back from jogging...gonna die..

Chat/Quote #124 +(-34)-
SoulG: I honestly like the look of Zack
SoulG: I mean, er...ps3 slim, yeah
SoulG: PS3! I said PS3!

Chat/Quote #123 +(37)-
EmperorKosh: fuck
EmperorKosh: my
EmperorKosh: life
EmperorKosh: ...
EmperorKosh: amen.
zhukant|laptop: Amen
Zanco: Amen

Chat/Quote #122 +(-11)-
DragoValhar: I was driving home Christmas eve, saw a church sign with "Jesus, Gods gift to man." And blatantly stated out loud. "Too bad he got returned."

Chat/Quote #120 +(31)-
DyrimTW: whos experinced with paypal?
***Ghostcat waves
DyrimTW: k some one halp
Ghostcat: you can't use it to buy porn

Chat/Quote #119 +(7)-
tm10: Imagine she is a smarter me, who smokes a lot of pot and is really hot.
tm10: That would be her.
tm10: She is even a huge asshole.
DyrimTW: sounds like corona in woman form
aegilnet: tm10's dream girl then?

Chat/Quote #118 +(30)-
*** Jask has changed the topic on channel #socb to Emos emos everywhere, and not a drop of bloo- Oh hell, it's everywhere. Jake, get the mop!.
<Kogath> Nice
<&Jenna> Who's Jake!?
<&Jask> Eh, first name to come to my mind
<&Jask> Our janitor?
<&Jenna> Kewlio
<&Jenna> Bet he's got awesome stories.
<&Jask> I dunno if you'd call mopping up blood, sweat, lube, and semen an awesome story
<&Jenna> i would
<&Jenna> how wouldn't that be an awesome story!?

Chat/Quote #117 +(16)-
Freakonature00: what time is it in canada now
TheSeraph: tiger time

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