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Chat/Quote #116 +(14)-
thraadash /whois Ghostcat | Reply from mIRC: I don't have a God Damned idea....

Chat/Quote #115 +(-13)-
*** Rapist has joined #socb.
Jask: Oh look, another Blade of the Damned!
* Rapist rapes Jask
*** Rapist has left #socb.
*** Mode change "+b Rapist!*@*" for channel #socb by Jask.

Chat/Quote #114 +(-88)-
<professa>:It's a scientific fact that asian girls can unhinge their jaws in order to swallow things twice their own size.

Chat/Quote #113 +(12)-
samuel: lol my grandma just added me as a friend on facebook

Chat/Quote #112 +(-23)-
<Rensei-HWK> plastic wrapped cheese slices such at micrp waving

Chat/Quote #111 +(14)-
Lev: yawn is like fart for your mouth

Chat/Quote #110 +(-67)-
*** Tangerine_Chicken joined #socb
Jasky: studded kryptonite dildo
Tangerine_Chicken blinks

Chat/Quote #109 +(-17)-
[20:45] <Ninjarayu> I wouldn't sleep with a sheep!
[20:46] <Pants> That almost sounds like a slogan they've put on a really fucked up PSA.
[20:46] <Ninjarayu> This is a new PSA
[20:46] <Pants> Is it against sleeping with sheep?
[20:46] <Andra> >:|
[20:46] <Andra> lol
[20:47] <Ninjarayu> We have discovered that smoking marijuana can sometimes lead to initiating sexual intercourse with odd beings/objects, such as sheep, tables, and pillows.
[20:47] <Ninjarayu> So please, remember the saying "I don't sleep with sheep," and avoid smoking marijuana.

Chat/Quote #108 +(-8)-
<Frank>: FUCK I HAD THe worst dream last night
<Leviathan>: o rlyu
<Frank>: yeah, i dreamed that I was speaking English with a French accent
<Frank>: fuck that was horrible.

Chat/Quote #107 +(-59)-
Adalet: Pokemon is cock fighting for kids with less blood and no dead carved up chickens, and don't forget the screaming mexicans.

Chat/Quote #106 +(28)-
tututututhjf: hi answer
Sully: hi answer
wapaloola: hi answer
*** Rayle joined #socb
wapaloola: hi rayle
Sully: hi rayle
tututututhjf: hi rayle
Rayle: hey guys
wapaloola: c-c-c-combo breaker

Chat/Quote #103 +(-12)-
<MonthOLDpickle>: penis
<thraadash>: I don't get it.
<thraadash>: What's so fun about mentioning the male genital?
<thraadash>: Why not say something more soothing to the mouth, like, "Perpendicular".

Chat/Quote #101 +(21)-
Jask: The thing about bisexuals is they'll stick their hand down a persons pants and be happy with whateeeeever they find.
ZackVixACD: it is called broadening your choice, Jask
SoulG: Or your anus
SoulG: Broadening your anus
Rensei: LOL
HotGamerMum: ....
Jask: Done that. Good times.

Chat/Quote #100 +(68)-
Nick: You’re so wrong! “Lasagna” and “vagina” don’t sound alike at all!
Guy: That’s just because you’re not thinking outside the box, man.

Chat/Quote #98 +(-3)-
Arayu: ROFL
Arayu: Kaze fails
Arayu: And Kaze, even if she wasn't home...
Arayu: My bro's playing CoCK4
Arayu: Err
Arayu: CoD*
Arayu: Sorry, the letters are right there.

Chat/Quote #97 +(-17)-
ZackVixACD i mean it was hard and fast
Pilot|FeelsLikeShit Like sex with Jask.

Chat/Quote #96 +(28)-
<Jask>: Hey Wapa, you legal over there?
<wapaloola>: for sex? no
<Jask>: Know what would make it even better, Wapa? If to get there, you had gay anal sex in public in a region where gay sex is illegal.

Chat/Quote #95 +(-4)-
<Seamus>Sorry I called you a bitch yesterday, I didn't actually mean it.

Chat/Quote #94 +(4)-
ZackVixACD: let's all stop talking until Mom goes to bed
HotGamerMum: is will not work zacky...
*** Mode change "+m" for channel #socb by Jask.
HotGamerMum: other days?
Jask: sure it will

Chat/Quote #92 +(15)-
WeeabooMoeGirl: Onii-Chan also didn't wear protection last night!
* WeeabooMoeGirl Stomps several times and makes a cute angry face
WeeabooMoeGirl: You came in my pooper!
ZackVixACD: it is okay. it is in the pooper, you won't get pregnant
ZackVixACD: Kaze... :| I am getting scared lol
Zangpakto: X_X

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