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Chat/Quote #30 +(10)-
Jask: Actually, you're right. some buttons are worth pushing, like this one...
*** You're not a channel operator!
MakaiElite: >_>
*** You're not a channel operator!
Jask: ...wow, there's egg on my face
burlynate: *waits*
Ryuko: ur slow!
Jask: Apparently I forgot to do something important
tm10: Hahaha, you idiot.
MakaiElite: >_>
MakaiElite: XD
burlynate: thats splooge
burlynate: not egg
*** Mode change "+h Jask" for channel #socb by ChanServ.
tm10: You're not op/hop
tm10: Oh shi~
Jask: Haha, whoops

Chat/Quote #29 +(-7)-
Aintaer: As the last op you should wield your powers with impunity and irresponsibility.
*** Aintaer has been kicked from #socb by Jask: Really?

Chat/Quote #28 +(-18)-
*** You are now known as Jesus.
God: Hello, my son.
Jesus: I hate you dad!
Jesus: Why do you always have to kill me!
God: I hate you too, you bastard child.
Jesus: You love your pet humans more than you love me!
God: Because you're a disgrace. How DARE you be nice and make people like me. I spent the whole fucking old testament killing bitches and shit and you fucked it all up with that "peace" shit. THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO FEAR ME! NOT LOVE ME!
Jesus: How could anyone love a horrible beast like you!
* Jesus runs to his room crying
God: Emo.
Lucifer: See, I told you he'd turn out to be a wuss if you sent him to Earth....
DyrimTW: Oh, excellent.
DyrimTW: I just choked on tea laughing at this.
DyrimTW: thnx u gaiz =D

Chat/Quote #27 +(-49)-
Ryuko: JASK
Ryuko: WE
Ryuko: ARE
*** Ryuko has been kicked from #socb by Maiden: Please Do Not Flood In This Channel, 10 Lines In 8 Seconds.

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