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Chat/Quote #195 +(2)-
KidImposter: !google is gone
MumsWrath: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beGjncfEPt8
KidImposter: niggerfuckshitdamn

Chat/Quote #194 +(8)-
<Popo|Thinking>: i have a question
<Popo|Thinking>: if dumbledore was gay
<Popo|Thinking>: would that mean that snape is guilty of a hate crime?

Chat/Quote #193 +(47)-
<Ryuko>: Obviously, video games are at fault here. They failed to teach this kid how to disarm a drunk knife-wielding nanny."
<DragoValhar>: He didn't play enough assassins creed
<DragoValhar>: counter that bitch and stab her in the neck
<ZackVixACD>: yeah, he should have presses his built-in R1+Square at the right moment

Chat/Quote #191 +(-13)-
[11:21] <Cleric> stop molesting our guests soul... wait til AFTER they're asleep
[11:22] <SoulG> But I didnt do a thing!
[11:22] <thraadash> You said "hello".
[11:22] <thraadash> God enough.
[11:22] <thraadash> HAHAHAHAHAHAA
[11:22] <SoulG> Yes, Im god

Chat/Quote #190 +(36)-
[11:14] <Ace_Demon> hello
[11:15] <SoulG> Hello
[11:16] <-- Ace_Demon has left irc.mibbit.com (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[11:17] <Cleric> that was quick
[11:18] <thraadash> He knew who the real demon was.
[11:18] <thraadash> And left quickly.

Chat/Quote #184 +(8)-
<Jaded> I wear the skirt in the relationship :D

Chat/Quote #183 +(4)-
[15:37] <KazeNurite> Well stop humming what your humming.
[15:38] <KazeNurite> And sing hooker like a penis.
[15:38] <KazeNurite> HOOKER LIKE A PENIS

Chat/Quote #181 +(11)-
(09:50:25 PM) MonthOLDpickle: I am watching the civil war on ESPN HD
(09:50:28 PM) MonthOLDpickle: crystal clear hehe
(09:50:49 PM) GC|Homework: they had video cameras during the civil war?

Chat/Quote #180 +(22)-
Jask: I'm a capricorn... I masturbate... shit, I do do goats.

Chat/Quote #179 +(56)-
(09:12:51 PM) HotGamerMum: hi hi
(09:12:57 PM) HotGamerMum: why are you here when you are doing homework
(09:13:12 PM) GC|Homework: 'cause it's hard

Chat/Quote #178 +(-12)-
<AdmiredFob> I'm really lazy to train
<ZackVixACD> train in real life?
<AdmiredFob> no, train in pokemanz
<ZackVixACD> oh man :/
<ZackVixACD> I have wasted so much precious time doing that.
<ZackVixACD> could have been fapping all that time

Chat/Quote #173 +(-11)-
[17:40] <@Corona>Who wore a cabbage leaf under his cap?
[17:40] <~Biscuit> DUNNO
[17:40] <sososcary> johnny appleseed
[17:40] <Mr_Popo> babe motherfucking ruth
[17:40] <@Corona> Here's your 1st hint: bab_ ____
[17:40] <~Biscuit> babe ruth
[17:40] <@Corona> Winner: Biscuit Answer: babe ruth Time:6 13. Streak:6 214 Points:6 WPM:6 Rank:1st
[17:40] <Mr_Popo> babe ruth
[17:40] <~Biscuit> ty
[17:40] <Mr_Popo> no fucking way
[17:40] <~Biscuit> srsly
[17:41] <Mr_Popo> i jsut said that randomly

Chat/Quote #172 +(6)-
[23:55] <VioletKIRA> What is DyrimTW's Faggot hour?
[23:55] <Ryuko> im too coo for schoo
[23:55] <Mr_Popo> lol
[23:56] <Mr_Popo> his stream
[23:56] <&DyrimTW> Me streaming MH
[23:56] <Jask> It's when Dyrim streams himself singing love songs for tm10.

Chat/Quote #171 +(-6)-
[20:50] <ZackVixACD> FUCK MY CAR!
[20:52] <@Leprechaun> ask tm10, he will gladly fuck it

Chat/Quote #170 +(29)-
<Kitsune> so sorry that you are so impatient and expect us to hold your hand. it doesent work that way.
<MinorVaginor> I thought this was #help, not #wedonthelpatall'

Chat/Quote #169 +(-63)-
KazeNurite: Whisper into Ass

Chat/Quote #168 +(7)-
wapaloola: get kaze here to tell him some MW2 spoilers.
wapaloola: Sparks will fly.
Jaded: wapa
Jaded: unignore kaze
wapaloola: Why
Jaded: <Adalet|AFK> Hi!
Jaded: <Adalet|AFK> Tell Wapa to unignore me.
Jaded: <Adalet|AFK> >:|
wapaloola: Not until I get my MW2 kaze >=(

Chat/Quote #167 +(-19)-
Joao: Can't wait for Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks next month :D:D:D
Ryuko: I can >_>
ZackVixACD: wtf is that?
Ryuko: New LoZ for the DS
ZackVixACD: another Ganon-killing-Triforce-seeking-treasure-seeking game?
Ryuko: With trains!
Joao: Ahaha.
ZackVixACD: :O
ZackVixACD: well, that changes everything
ZackVixACD: I can't wait then.

Chat/Quote #165 +(-22)-
thraadash: I have opened a piece of chocolate to see lots of white little worms in it.
DragoValhar:I'd suggest buying chocolate from someone other than that guy in the windowless van down by the river.

Chat/Quote #164 +(51)-
***MonthOLDpickle fapfapdap
Jesus: dap?
Jask|cleaning: dap?
MonthOLDpickle: penis hitting the floor

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