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Chat/Quote #174 +(-16)-
[23:18] <~Biscuit> if you go back to MHFU there's something wrong w/ u cus it's just not fun at all
[23:18] <~Biscuit> needs new game
[23:18] <~Biscuit> with angler fishes
[23:18] <~Biscuit> and underwater dragonz
[23:18] <~Biscuit> and
[23:18] <~Biscuit> um
[23:18] <~Biscuit> rathian

Chat/Quote #230 +(-22)-
AkantorSlayer: i need help slaying an akantor

Chat/Quote #4 +(-23)-
<Corona>: Paralyze + Wrap = Win
<Corona>: Good old Arbok
<Corona>: Glare and Wrap
<Corona>: Thats all it took
<TheSeraph>: paralyze and wrap by a hot girl is one way to a good night's sleep
<TheSeraph>: my bed is soft

Chat/Quote #234 +(-25)-
Kain: If ya got skill, all ya need is a bone kris and some underwear.

Chat/Quote #19 +(-32)-
Jask: I just got news that the planned game for tomorrow night was canceled, so I foolishly volunteered to run a one-shot. One person has already stated interest in playing an Abyssal
Tleilandrek: o.o
Tleilandrek: Hmm.
Tleilandrek: Advice?
Tleilandrek: I monster hunter
Jask: Started playing the game, have you?
Tleilandrek: no PSP.
Tleilandrek: But, make it like that.
Jask: ...
Jask: I like it
Jask: There is this one shadowlands with a behomoth...
Jask: behemoth*
Jask: Its mouth leads to oblivion
Tleilandrek: When in doubt.
Tleilandrek: Monster hunter.

Chat/Quote #56 +(-43)-
Morgene:You bastard
Morgene Can't you get ready for quests faster?
Morgene:You got more shit than me
Pilot:I forgot what I was doing and zoned out
Morgene:By the gods...

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