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Chat/Quote #340 +(9)-
D I A N I E ⚜: I can't go home now but no job for me lel

Chat/Quote #338 +(5)-
#support channel
- alguien habla espanol?
- how to connect?
- help i can't connect!
- alguien habla espanol? :v
- ! ip
- hi guys i have a problem (remain unsolved)
- alguien habla espanol? :V

Chat/Quote #333 +(18)-
can i use HV for play anothers online games on ppsspp besides MH?

Chat/Quote #331 +(8)-
<Angus Blanchard (Welcome Bot)> Whats your ppsspp nick?
<kinto38(kinto/aiko)> it is version is 1.4.2

Chat/Quote #320 +(41)-
(Betaray) I'm kinda bored, any idea of something to watch or anything?
(HunsterBot_) Hey BetaRay!
(HunsterBot_) Beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta!
HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(Betaray) there can't be an "again" because I never was
(leeor_net) I'm slightly confused.
(Betaray) just roll with it
(leeor_net) I can do that

Chat/Quote #318 +(30)-
<Betaray> my dad just called asking me how to disabled his popup blocker, I asked him what browser he is using and he said "google or yahoo"
<Betaray> god damnit

Chat/Quote #316 +(49)-
ZackVixACD: Yes, the great Zack himself is back
Laverden: oh man
Laverden: Zack!
ZackVixACD: Yes!
CreepyRpg: oh man zack is here
CreepyRpg: lets get out
CreepyRpg: >:(

Chat/Quote #267 +(34)-
ffha: I just installed a virus on my computer. It spammed pop-ups with naked ladies in them. I think I'm gonna go open it again.

Chat/Quote #265 +(5)-
<ZackVixACD>: DUMP
<Seamus>: Thanks for sharing, Zack

Chat/Quote #264 +(-29)-
<KazeNurite>: What're some good google chrome extensions?
<Ryuko>: firefox

Chat/Quote #263 +(58)-
*** HotGamerMum quit (Quit: To hell with you gays!)

Chat/Quote #262 +(64)-
HotGamerMum: the navi in the forums change too
ZackVixACD: the navi?
ZackVixACD: navigation?
Ryuko: HEY
HotGamerMum: yup
***TheSeraph stabs Ryuko

Chat/Quote #261 +(36)-
[HotGamerMum] "I'm never having kids. I hear they take 9 months to download."

Chat/Quote #259 +(-42)-
<TheSeraph> Cleric is hiding his boobs
<TheSeraph> don't worry, not telling ;)
* Cleric squeezes them together
<Cleric> Come and get 'em.
<Cleric> ;)
* ZackVixACD has quit (Client exited)

Chat/Quote #258 +(57)-
<&tm10> In Philosophy everyone and their mother has their own take on different words.
<Mr_Popo> wouldnt their mother be included in "Everyone"?
<&tm10> Women aren't people, you idiot.

Chat/Quote #257 +(92)-
<Ryuko>: According to my girlfriend, only gay people can teleport.
<Cleric>: How does that work?
<Ryuko>: idk
***Cleric turns gay
<Cleric>: I still can't teleport
<Ryuko>: well she's obv wrong
<Cleric>: Tell her that. >:/
***Cleric turns back

Chat/Quote #256 +(-11)-
* Jesus has quit (Ping timeout)
<Arayu> lol Jesus timed out.
<Halcyon> He will be back in 3 days

Chat/Quote #255 +(53)-
Arayu: Maybe if I get Pants pregnant I'll get laid. :o

Chat/Quote #252 +(-10)-
Jask: My penis
ZackVixACD: I like that one'
Jask: Who wants it.
ZackVixACD: kind of good one

Chat/Quote #251 +(12)-
<Nya> Real men are having sex right now!

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