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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by ostarion on Fri Jan 19 7:13:45 UTC 2018
Status: Accepted
make MHW role
Done. REPLY by zackvixacd on 19-01-18

 Submitted by Anon on Sun Jan 14 13:14:21 UTC 2018
Status: Accepted
is it possible to add a ping check command something like <!ping @discorduser>. this way players can see how their ping is relative to each other thus providing a means for better matchmaking and avoid breaking off and teleporting deviljho lol
This will be hard to do, but I will try it. REPLY by zackvixacd on 15-01-18

 Submitted by Reia request master n2 after tywa on Thu Jan 11 16:37:00 UTC 2018
Status: Accepted

As the screeshot shows :

The music bot doesn't broadcast Japanese located music-

Could you somehow make it region free please?

PS : Anaya can broadcast JP music (well some)

PS2: Can music masters be able to use Ayana? Because staff only is a bit...
I don't know. I will check. REPLY by zackvixacd on 22-01-18

 Submitted by Kaziqu on Sun Jan 7 11:37:03 UTC 2018
Status: Accepted
rename noob-hall-of-fame to hall-of-fame-noobs so that fewer noobs think it's noobs-newplayers
Hahaha, alright I Will do that. REPLY by zackvixacd on 07-01-18

 Submitted by GIL on Sun Jan 7 3:06:51 UTC 2018
Status: Accepted
heres an idea for quest board , example's

A)Player A sets a quest on board or initiates a GH quest and the site notify the discord in that particular chat channel to let others know that "player A" is on etc quest.

B)Player B see the notification of "player A" quest and see a timer on how long the quest have been in quest que line up waiting for players and in which GUILD HALL.

C)Player B than joins GH of "player A" and start quest but int he process need to notify in the message what HR it is.

I think that's what the old bot was doing. REPLY by zackvixacd on 09-01-18

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