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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by tywalina on Thu Aug 3 15:02:00 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Uncheck "Texture coord speedhack (speedup)" in one of the screenshots of the PPSSPP settings page, it's the one causing the weird disconnect after a few seconds when quest starts.

Or maybe we should just update everything based on v1.4.2? (I can create those screenshots if you want).
This is accepted as long as you do all the work. REPLY by zackvixacd on 03-08-17

 Submitted by Edri on Tue Aug 1 22:48:59 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted

Notification when a quest is added

Details : Using the Questboard bot, you can add a option to activate notifications for a user when the !addQuest feature is used. And the user can choose which game he want to be notified using !addQuest MFU or !addQuest P3
This feature will be added soon. I am working on overhauling the whole QuestBoard bot. Thanks for your request. REPLY by zackvixacd on 01-08-17

 Submitted by tywalina on Tue Aug 1 6:33:36 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Improve the color range for MHF1 for the GH status page(and maybe Discord bot as well).

0/10 = Green

1-4/10 = Yellow

5-9/10 = Orange

10/10 = Red

Right now it's orange at 4/10 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/320882467118776320/341829469390110721/image.png and even red at 8/10(unless it has been changed since last test), it should be red at 10/10 imo as red indicate full and 8/10 isn't full.

/tywald, master of nitpicking :^)
Okay Mr. Master Nitpicking, this has been taken care of now ;) REPLY by zackvixacd on 01-08-17

 Submitted by tywalina on Sat Jul 29 12:32:01 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
I would like to have a search bar in the logs page so I can for example search for a PPSSPP nickname and it will return only the logs that contains it.

Basically, a filter feature; it's not so efficient to check each log one-by-one.
I have added the possibility to search through the logs for a particular Nick. REPLIED on 31-07-17

 Submitted by Guild Lady on Sat Jul 29 7:21:26 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Have Questboard manage quests in the pins of their respective channels instead of a dedicated channel for all quests.
This is an interesting feature. I will try working on it an see how people respond to it. REPLIED on 31-07-17

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