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Submitted Requests & Bug Reports

Submitted by WatashiNoCuscino(cyarolin) on Thu Dec 7 4:47:27 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
in the discord channel of HunsterVerse make a command that shows the enemy weakness (about mh enemies and bosses) for example:

!weakness [name of the enemy]

(idea totally not stealed from MightyZack)

well just do it we need it! maybe
Thief! REPLY by zackvixacd on 07-12-17

 Submitted by 🐙 Edri on Sun Dec 3 15:48:47 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted

Adding a tool availlable in the channels mhfu and p3rd which can give you a free random gh. Like !free which give you "GH4 is free" (that mean nobody are in the gh). Because for searching a free GH I need to go on bot-command and type !gh fu or !gh p3rd or searching manualy (loading take several seconds). So a tool which give you immediatly a free gh will be cool. Just one gh to avoid spam.

Yeah i'm lazy af
okay you lazy shit. REPLY by zackvixacd on 03-12-17

 Submitted by WatashiNoCuscino(cyarolin) on Wed Nov 15 4:46:35 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
so... this is not a priority but in the discord server of HunsterVerse when you type the command "!ip" the Italian warning would be more specif if you put "verrai" instaed of "sarai"

so the sentence should be:

Attenzione: se tu bari, verrai bannato!

that's it thank you

Okay REPLY by zackvixacd on 23-11-17

 Submitted by Angus Blanchard on Sun Nov 12 7:38:34 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted

Make it so at least the Dev's can reboot the server if/when it goes down and you're afk
Okay, will do. REPLY by zackvixacd on 05-12-17

 Submitted by jhef24 on Wed Nov 8 16:54:23 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted

I would like to ask for your approval to authorize me to use other vpn so that I can connect my openvpn to play mh3rd. The country (UAE) that I'm am now is blocking me to make a good connection on openvpn. so please just for now make a exception for my case.
Can you please come to the discord channel and stop using this box? REPLY by zackvixacd on 08-11-17

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